Non-Competitive Bid Recovery Act Reporting

The Authority to the maximum extent possible awards contracts using competitive bidding procedures in accordance with PCC § 10430 and GC §§ 4525-4529.20. The following contracts funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 were not awarded through competitive bidding due to statutory exemption or by an exemption approved by the Department of General Services.

List of Non-Competitive Bid Contracts

HSR08-07, Kent Riffey

Provide professional, technical, and managerial advice, analysis, and consultation in the areas of high-speed train planning, engineering, and implementation.

HSR08-08, Steve Schnaidt
HSR08-11, Steve Schnaidt

Provide strategic advice, analysis, consultation, written materials and assistance on transportation, legislative and government issues affecting the operations and mission of the Authority, including the development of infrastructure, bond, budgetary, and related transportation financing and policy legislation and programs.

HSR10-18, William Charlton
HSR10-19, Frank Koppelman
HSR10-20, Eric Miller
HSR10-21, Kay Axhausen
HSR10-22, Kenneth Small
HSR13-01, Kay Axhausen
HSR13-02, Eric Miller
HSR13-03, Frank Koppelman
HSR13-04, Kenneth Small

Members of the independent peer review panel formed to provide enhancements to the California High-Speed Rail revenue and ridership forecasting model necessary to support risk analysis.

HSR14-16, Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting
Provide implementation of off-site environmental mitigation in the form of habitat preservation and wetland construction.

Requirement from the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Grant Agreement

Section 7. Contract Awards
As required by Section 1554 of the Recovery Act, the Grantee shall to the maximum extent possible award contracts funded under this Agreement as fixed-priced contracts through the use of competitive procedures. In rare circumstances where the Grantee awards a contract that is not fixed-price and not awarded using competitive procedures, the Grantee shall publicly and electronically post a summary of such contract on its website and electronically link such posting to the website created and maintained by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board pursuant to section 1526 of the Recovery Act.