Expired Solicitations


RFX 16-24 Property Management Services CP 4
RFX 16-16 Invitation for Bid – CP 1 Property Management Services
RFX 16-17 Invitation for Bid – CP 2 Property Management Services
RFX 16-18 Invitation for Bid – CP 3 Property Management Services
RFX 16-19 Invitation for Bid – CP 4 Property Management Services
Request for Qualifications for Five Right-of-Way Engineering and Survey Services



HSR# 15-138: Request for Proposals for right-of-way services
HSR# 15-129: Request for Qualifications for right-of-way engineering and survey support services

HSR# 15-68: Request for Proposals for Small Business Development Services

HSR# 15-172 Requests for Qualifications for Geotechnical Site Investigation services in the Silicon Valley to Central Valley Line

HSR#15-129: Requests for Qualifications for Right-of-Way Engineering and Survey Support Services

HSR 15-108: Request for Qualifications for Environmental Services for the Fresno to Bakersfield Project Section

HSR 15-107: Request for Qualifications for Environmental Services for the Merced to Fresno Project Section

HSR 15-93: Request for Qualifications for High-Speed Rail Systemwide Vision Plan for Stations

HSR# 15-92 Request for Proposal for Financial Advisory Services

Canceled - HSR#15-91: Request for Proposals for Financial Advisory Services

HSR 15-02 RFEI for Delivery of an Initial Operating Segment
HSR 15-34 Request for Qualifications for Environmental and Engineering Services on the San Francisco to San Jose and San Jose to Merced Project Sections

HSR 14-65: RFP for Proposition 1A Funding Plan Independent Consultant Reports

HSR 15-01 RFQ for Project and Construction Management Services for Construction Package 4

HSR 14-21: RFP for Small Business Development Services
REOI: Water Well Drilling


HSR 14-31 RFQ for Professional and Technical Ground Subsidence Study Services

HSR 14-42 RFQ for Palmdale to Burbank Section Environmental/Engineering Services

HSR 14-39 RFQ for Burbank to Anaheim Corridor Environmental/Engineering Services

HSR 14-66: RFQ for Rail Delivery Partner
HSR 14-56: RFP for Habitat Mitigation Services

HSR 14-05 RFP for Insurance Broker and Administrative Services
HSR 14-01 RFP for Financial Advisor Services
HSR 14-02 for Translation and Interpreter Services (Request for Small/Micro Business Bids)

HSR 14-14 RFP for Right of Way Services