Transparency & Accountability

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) is committed to transparency and accountability. We understand the importance of keeping the public informed about the work we are doing to deliver high-speed rail and how we are conducting this work on behalf of the citizens of California.

Many documents and reports are currently available on our website to keep the public informed about the project, such as construction updates, contracts, small business and jobs reports, fact sheets and other information. Some meet requirements established by the California Legislature or by the federal government, such as the 2018 Business Plan. Some provide information on our funding agreements and our funding plans. Additional financial and program delivery information can be found in documents provided to the Board of Director's Finance and Audit Committee as well as to the full Board's deliberations and decisions.

Recently, Governor Gavin Newsom directed us to take steps to provide an even greater degree of transparency for the citizens of California. Our Board of Directors fully supports his request and we are taking the first steps to fulfill that commitment by creating this Transparency & Accountability webpage. Our goal is to provide the public with easy access to key documents including those that are most current.

What is a change order?

Change orders are common to most projects and very common on larger projects. A change order is a revision to a current contract that modifies the scope of work to or from the contract and may alter the original contract amount and/or completion date.

In addition to the links above, this site now includes change orders executed to date for the Authority’s three Central Valley design-build construction contracts:

  • Construction Package 1
  • Construction Package 2-3, and
  • Construction Package 4

Please note change orders may appear in non-sequential order. This is due to non-linear ordering and execution of change orders in the field. This page will be updated quarterly as change orders are executed and reviews for privacy and legal laws are completed. Please check back regularly. We value your feedback.

Preliminary Information – Construction Contract Change Orders

CP 1

CP 2-3

CP 4