Face of High Speed Rail Environmental

Photo of Alex Kenefick

Celebrating National Bike to Work Week

May 17, 2016 – In honor of National Bike to Work Week we introduce you to a Southern California multimodal enthusiast.

Growing up in bike-friendly Davis, California, Alex Kenefick knew the joys of bicycling at an early age. After moving to Los Angeles for his job, Alex realized that cycling wasn't just for fun, but it was a great way to meet up with friends, save money and get some great exercise.

Alex once worked in downtown Los Angeles within five miles of most of his frequently visited destinations, and close to transit service. He made a large number of friends in the bike community and found himself questioning the hassles of driving and parking. "If more people would bike to work, there wouldn't be oceans of wasted parking space," said Alex.

Along with his chance to work on the High-Speed Rail team, Alex accepted a 40-mile commute from his home in downtown LA to Chino. He currently blends driving to the office days with transit and biking days. "I am happy with my commute now - I feel like I am interacting with the city when I ride to work," he explained.

Alex's philosophy is practical. "My bike is a tool. It benefits my health. It's nice to ride and I like not being stuck in a car all the time."

He recommends before making biking a part of their day-to-day commute, cyclists should be able to change a flat bike tire, and build the fun of cycling into their lives through social bike rides. "I am looking forward to a future of whole mobility - riding high-speed rail north and south up and down the state of California - and using bike share at each station along the way."