Face of High Speed Rail Future Riders

Jeremy Stutes, President of railLA

Attaining a Sustainable Lifestyle

September 29, 2016 – Jeremy Stutes, sporting his signature English cap, crisscrosses the LA basin by rail and bicycle attending events, meetings and getting to work in Santa Monica – living the multimodal lifestyle he actively promotes as President of railLA.

railLA is a unique resource that helps people learn how to use rapidly expanding public transportation services in Southern California. Members help potential Metro rail riders purchase tickets and get on and off at various stops. As Stutes explains, "It's about helping people attain a sustainable lifestyle - on the train, you can read a book, use your laptop, watch a film and even catch up on email."

Stutes joined railLA about 5 years ago and his goal is simple, "I want to ride on a train across the state going 220 mph and visit my friends in San Francisco. It is exciting to think that HSR will create job centers across the state, increase productivity and rail safety. No more canceled meetings due to traffic and lost time behind the wheel of a car."

Recently one of his most challenging rides was from Los Angeles Union Station to Fresno to participate in a CHSRA construction site tour. First, he had to take a bus from LA to Bakersfield, then an Amtrak train to Fresno.

"It turned out to be a five-hour trip due to a bus breakdown. We missed our first tour connection!" Stutes says in disbelief. The group decided to turn their disappointing adventure into an insightful video that you can see at www.railLA.org.