Request for Expressions of Interest

In March of 2011, California opened its doors to private companies – small and large, privately and publicly owned, domestic and international, in all relevant fields – to seek their interest in participating in the development of California’s high-speed rail system, the largest infrastructure project in the nation.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority issued a request for expressions of interest (RFEI) as a first step in the procurement process that will award contracts for the first $5.5 billion in construction and ultimately for the design and construction of the entire system, its trainsets, and its operations and maintenance. 

More than 1,100 expressions of interest were submitted prior to the March 16, 2011 deadline to respond. The RFEI applies to either the initial construction segment – about 120 miles through California’s Central Valley – as well as any future phase of the project, including its financing, its core systems (trains, electrification, signaling, etc.), its operations and its maintenance.

The RFEI is not a required, binding part of the procurement process, but it is an opportunity for the private sector to formally weigh in on the largest infrastructure project in the nation by outlining their interest in the project. It also gives the California High-Speed Rail Authority a tool to shape the procurement process going forward.