Early Train Operator

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is issuing this Request for Proposals in order to seek competitive Proposals for the Early Train Operator of the California High-Speed Rail System. Proposals will only be considered from those Proposers that have been included in the short list and invited to submit. The primary focus of work under this contract will be in relation to future passenger services on the Silicon Valley to Central Valley Line and its subsequent extension to San Francisco; additional work may also relate to any other extensions of the System.

HSR 17-20 Executed Agreement with DB Engineering & Consulting USA, Inc. for Early Train Operator Services

RFP 16-13 Request for Proposals for Early Train Operator

Pre-Bid Conference

Reference Materials

  1. 50-Year Lifecycle Capital Cost Model Documentation
  2. Operations and Maintenance Cost Model Documentation
  3. Service Planning Methodology
  4. Ridership and Revenue Forecasting
  5. 2016 California High-Speed Rail Business Plan: Ridership and Revenue Risk Analysis
  6. California High-Speed Rail Ridership and Revenue Model: Business Plan Mode Version 3 Model Documentation
  7. California High-Speed Rail Authority Sustainability Policy (POLI-PLAN-03), Dated July 29, 2016
  8. HSR Trains Term Sheet (Draft)
  9. Track & Systems Term Sheet (Draft)

RFQ 16-13 Request for Qualifications