About #Iwillride


Born in the heart of California’s Central Valley, #Iwillride was founded by college students who support options in mobility and transportation, and the development of California’s high-speed rail system. #Iwillride members believe that this significant investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure, mass transit, and transit oriented development will offer regional connectivity, economic opportunity, and an environmentally-friendly alternative for transportation into the 21st Century.

These students recognize that High-Speed Rail will provide a safe, affordable, and fast train service from Northern to Southern California through the Central Valley. They can imagine the opportunities to explore California, as a passenger; working or relaxing in comfort, visiting family and friends, and accessing cultural and entertainment venues.

#Iwillride members participated in the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s historic groundbreaking ceremony in January 2015 with Governor Brown and other officials. Additionally, they have spoken to state legislative committees, members of Congress, local governments, and the media to add their voices to the discussion regarding the need for California to build the nation’s first high-speed rail system.

After graduation, former #Iwillride college chapter members are working in a variety of industries including business, communications, and other technical professions. And, some former members have become chapter mentors after graduating. Additionally, former college members and supporters have formed an #Iwillride professionals group to continue to stay engaged in the conversation about high-speed rail and related topics.


Being a member of an #Iwillride chapter provides three opportunities to its college members:

  1. Networking with professionals – meet people who are involved in the fields of engineering, transportation, environmental planning, communications, and federal, state, and local public policy.
  2. Tours, Speakers, and Events – chapter members will be provided opportunities to participate in tours, events, and meetings regarding high-speed rail and other transportation-related topics and systems.
  3. Internships – opportunities to learn about and compete for internships and potential jobs.

Joining the #Iwillride movement is an exciting opportunity to learn about, explore, and participate in the conversation about transportation technology and investment in mobility for future generations in California and the nation. Former and current #Iwillride chapter members have benefited greatly by connecting themselves and their schools to the ongoing development of the high-speed rail and its partners. Below is a guide on how to establish a chapter on any college campus as well as to connect yourself to this project and your community.

For more information, including a how-to guide on starting a chapter on your campus, contact us at iwillride@hsr.ca.gov.