Tribal Relations Program

The United States recognizes Native American Tribes as sovereign nations. As such, the federal government and tribes have a unique government-to-government relationship, which is grounded in the U.S. Constitution, numerous treaties, statutes, federal case law, regulations, and executive orders that establish and define a trust relationship with tribes. In addition, the State of California has an important relationship with the many Native American tribes indigenous to the state, as set forth and affirmed in both state and federal law.

The State of California is committed to strengthening and sustaining effective government-to-government relationships with both federally-recognized tribes and other California Native Americans, as codified in the governor's Executive Order B-10-11. Executive Order B-10-11 established the Governor's Tribal Advisor in the Office of the Governor and further orders that every agency and department subject to the governor's executive control shall encourage communication and consultation with California Native American Tribes and permit tribal representatives to provide meaningful input into the development of legislation, regulations, rules, and policies on matters that may affect tribal communities. The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) acknowledges and reaffirms this commitment.

The Authority is responsible for planning, designing, building, and operating the nation's first high-speed rail system, which will take the pressure off existing air and ground transportation infrastructure, reduce the state's dependency on fossil fuels, and result in better air quality and community health in California. The Authority seeks to identify areas of mutual concern and work toward the development of partnerships and consensus with California Native American Tribes. The Authority's Tribal Relations web page and its content are intended to foster tribal awareness about the high-speed rail project, encourage tribal participation in the project planning process, and help establish connections for future consultations and collaboration between the Authority and California Native American Tribes on individual high-speed rail sections during the project planning process.

For information on upcoming and past tribal information meetings, please click HERE.

Application For Nepa Assignment

California has applied for the assignment of Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) environmental review responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act. This will enable more efficient environmental reviews and approvals required to advance the high-speed rail program. The FRA solicited public comment on the State’s application for 30 days. That public comment period closed on June 1, 2018. For information on reviewing the application package and comments submitted, visit the Application for NEPA Assignment page.