Bakersfield Station

Bakersfield Station Map

The Authority is currently working with the cities of Bakersfield and Shafter, as well as local residents, stakeholders and regulatory agencies to refine an alignment that includes a station at the intersection of F Street and Golden State Avenue. This locally-generated alternative has been developed in cooperation with the cities and will be studied along with the approved Bakersfield Hybrid Alternative in a supplemental environmental document.

As part of the planning process for a future high-speed rail station, the Authority and the City of Bakersfield have entered into a station-area planning agreement. This agreement includes project management, community outreach, station area visioning, multimodal access and parking planning, economic real estate analysis and implementation planning.

Faces of High-Speed Rail

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Students

A pair of architectural students from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo are looking to make a new life for residents in Downtown Bakersfield. See how their student project designs a way to help revitalize Downtown Bakersfield within the Bakersfield High-Speed Rail Station area. Read more.

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