Palmdale Station

Palmdale Station Map

The proposed high-speed rail station will be located near Avenue Q and Sierra Highway, south of the Palmdale Transportation Center (PTC). The PTC is a multi-modal transportation center featuring a Metrolink rail station, a local bus hub and commuter bus. The high-speed rail station will also serve the proposed XpressWest high-speed rail service to Las Vegas via the future High Desert Corridor.

In October 2018, the Authority’s Board of Directors concurred with the staff recommended State Preferred Alternative for the Bakersfield to Palmdale project section identified in environmental documents as Alternative 2 and is one of the four routes the Authority has studied. The City of Palmdale and the Authority are working together to develop a station area plan. This joint effort will guide land use changes in the station area, and the improvements associated with high-speed rail, in order to promote economic development, encourage station accessibility, and enhance regional mobility.

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