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Statewide Update

CEO Report

This month we introduce the CEO Report directly from Brian Kelly. The purpose of this monthly CEO Report is to keep the Board and the public apprised of important events and milestones related to the high-speed rail program. Although there is no Board meeting in August, CEO Kelly wants to inform Board members of recent progress on a number of important fronts.

Check out the CEO Report to read about several significant developments over the last month that CEO Kelly believes will have a positive impact on our progress going forward.

Authority Receives Important Federal Approval for Environmental Reviews

In a major step forward on the nation’s first high-speed rail system, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) announced on July 25 that the State of California has received approval from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to assume its federal environmental review responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other federal environmental laws. Requested by the Authority in January of 2018, the approval, known as NEPA assignment, enables the Authority to streamline completion of environmental approvals for the entire first phase of the program from San Francisco/Merced to Los Angeles/Anaheim. NEPA assignment further allows the Authority to meet federal construction and grant commitments while maintaining the same level of rigorous review with multiple opportunities for public input and engagement.

Authority and Kings County Reach Important Agreements

Earlier this month, the Authority and Kings County Board of Supervisors announced that they have signed three major agreements that will clear the way for substantial progress on California’s high-speed rail program in Kings County in the Central Valley. This settlement signals a positive path forward toward continued construction in Kings County and re-establishes the Authority’s relationship with the County. The agreement enables the Authority to deliver electrified, clean high-speed rail in the Central Valley.

Comprehensive Outreach Continues in Northern California

Northern California Regional Director Boris Lipkin speaks to a stakeholder at an outreach event

Having released staff recommendations for the State’s Preferred Alternatives for the high-speed rail routes in Northern California, the Authority began a comprehensive outreach campaign to gather valuable feedback from the public throughout the summer. The Authority Board of Directors will consider making their decisions in September as major events included several community working group meetings in July, and six public open houses in August. For more information, visit the San Francisco to San Jose Project Section page and San Jose to Merced Project Section page.

Authority Launches New User-Friendly Website

HSR Website Homepage

The Authority has rolled out a new, more modern website with an improved look and feel. On June 28, the Authority launched a new and improved website as part of the statewide mandate that all State of California public websites comply with American with Disability Act (ADA) standards, thus ensuring that all current, new and ongoing content is compliant with Assembly Bill 434.

The Authority had been working on launching a more modern website in addition to the ADA compliant changes. The updated website features a new look and feel, reorganizes content for improved navigation and is mobile friendly. Additional features include:

The Authority followed all existing state laws and federal requirements in removing non-ADA compliant content from the old website. Many removed documents now have the name of the document on the previous site listed on the new website. Those documents can still be requested via the Public Records Act (PRA) request process.

Construction photo


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