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The high-speed rail system planned for California will eventually encompass over 800 miles of rail, with up to 24 stations. Because the project is so large, and will run through areas of the state with extremely different geographical, environmental and economic issues, the project has been broken into ten separate sections. Each of the sections will go through the same individual Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) before significant work can begin in the area.

While Phase 1 of the high-speed rail system refers to the 520 mile San Francisco/Merced to Los Angeles/Anaheim section of the program approved by California voters in Proposition 1A in 2008, Phase 2 refers to future program extensions from Merced to Sacramento and from Los Angeles to San Diego via the Inland Empire that would complete the 800 miles of the system.

Although Phase 1 is the current priority, it is important to advance Phase 2 planning so connectivity improvements are made in anticipation of future high-speed rail service. We are working closely with local partners to advance Phase 2 planning activities between Los Angeles and San Diego, Merced and Sacramento, and over the Altamont Corridor.

Project Sections

San Francisco to San Jose Project Section
HOTLINE: (800) 435-8670

Sacramento to Merced Project Section
HOTLINE: (408) 277-1083

Bakersfield to Palmdale Project Section
HOTLINE: (866) 300-3044

Palmdale to Burbank Project Section
HOTLINE: (800) 630-1039

Burbank to Los Angeles Project Section
HOTLINE: (877) 977-1660

Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Section
HOTLINE: (877) 669-0494

Los Angeles to San Diego Project Section
HOTLINE: (916) 324-1541

San Jose to Merced Project Section
HOTLINE: (800) 455-8166

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