Station Communities

Screenshot of animated video desribing station community concepts. Watch Conceptual Station Community

This video is a conceptual representation of how a Station Community could can grow over time, and is not intended to depict how the actual stations will look. The concept represents plans for sustainability, functionality, and the use of best practices at each of the high-speed rail stops.

Vision and planning: both playing key roles as the California High-Speed Rail Authority works to develop stations. Our vision is that high-speed rail stations will serve as more than just a train stop, they will transform cities, create community hubs and be iconic of the state. That is why we're calling them "Station Communities". The video below is a conceptual representation of how the Station Communities can grow over time. While this may not be exactly how the stations will look, it does represent the Authority's plans for sustainability, functionality and the use of best practices at each of the high-speed rail stops.

The high-speed rail system will consist of up to 24 stations when completed, connecting the major population centers in the North and South through California's Central Valley. The High-Speed Rail Authority has already identified several potential station locations throughout the state; however, final station locations will not be selected until environmental work has been completed in for each project section in which the station is located.

Proposed Station Locations

Statewide system map