Tribal Information Meetings

The California High-Speed Rail Authority, in conjunction with the Federal Railroad Administration, hosts Tribal Information Meetings for each high-speed rail project section, as part of the effort to inform tribal governments and their representatives about the project and to help establish the groundwork for future consultations throughout the project delivery process.

Participation in Tribal Information Meetings is by invitation-only and not open to the general public. Tribes who have concerns about potential effects of the project to important tribal cultural resources and who wish to be involved in the cultural resources investigation process are strongly encouraged to attend the Tribal Information Meetings. To confirm that your tribe is qualified to participate in the Tribal Information Meetings, tribal representatives should consult the Authority's Tribal Participation page to ensure that they receive meeting invitations, as well as other notifications about the project sections that are located within the tribe's geographic area(s) of interest. Please contact the Authority's Tribal Liaison with any questions.

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