Intrusion Barriers

The high-speed rail system will operate adjacent to or within the right-of-way of other transportation systems throughout the state. These transportation systems include passenger railroad lines, freight railroad lines and state or local highways and roadways. At these locations, assessments will determine the need for intrusion protection for the respective modes and services. Hazard analyses, risk assessments, and implementation of appropriate mitigations to reduce the potential for intrusion will allow the high-speed rail system to safely operate in proximity to existing transportation systems.

In the rural environment, the Authority will design fencing and other solutions that will minimize potential collisions and accidents. The Authority’s bridges and tunnels will also be dedicated solely to high-speed trains, which will help eliminate potential hazards.

In addition to fencing, walls and other systems can be put into place that would not only help minimize noise and sightlines, but also prevent potential hazards within urban environments. The Authority is committed to working with communities and local jurisdictions to ensure that the barriers blend into the surrounding environments.

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Illustration with a high-speed train crossing diagonally through the scene, a satellite, radar, and tower are communicating with the train; vehicles are parked at gates which are blocking the track as the train passes; an operator is monitoring conditions from computers.
Photo of construction team wearing safety equipment and working on concrete structure.



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