Quad Gates (for track speed of 110mph or less)

Quad gates have been shown to reduce collisions at-grade crossings by 98 percent.1

The Authority will work with communities along the rail corridors to install safer rail crossings, such as four quadrant gates, or Quad Gates. Quad gates are designed to block all lanes of traffic on both sides of the track and provide a closure delay on the exit side to allow vehicles that may get stuck between the gates to get off the tracks. The Authority will work closely with our Regional Partners and Regional Metropolitan Planning Organizations to develop a long range program to eliminate all level grade crossings in the blended areas.

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Illustration with a high-speed train crossing diagonally through the scene, a satellite, radar, and tower are communicating with the train; vehicles are parked at gates which are blocking the track as the train passes; an operator is monitoring conditions from computers.


1. UC Berkeley Safe Transportation Education and Research Center

Photo of construction team wearing safety equipment and working on concrete structure.



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