Project Update Reports

2019 Project Update Report CoverThe California High-Speed Rail Authority prepares a biennial report to the California State Legislature on the status of the program. The requirements for submission of a biennial Project Update Report were updated in June 2015 (AB 95) and require that on or before March 1, 2015, and every two years thereafter, HSRA provide a project update report, approved by the Secretary of Transportation, to the budget committees and the appropriate policy committees of both houses of the Legislature, on the development and implementation of intercity high-speed train service pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 185030. The report, at a minimum, shall include a program wide summary, as well as details by project section, with all information necessary to clearly describe the status of the project.

The 2019 Project Update Report fulfills the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s biennial requirement to update the California Legislature on the development and implementation of intercity high-speed rail service. The 2019 Report provides comprehensive reviews of:

  • Progress made on the high-speed rail project since the 2017 Project Update Report;
  • Project updates since the 2018 Business Plan; and,
  • What was learned in the months since the 2018 Business Plan was published.

2019 Project Update Report

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