September 2023 I Will Ride Update

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Nyob zoo Kuv Yuav Riders!

This was a big month for the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) with the news of a recently awarded federal grant. We also continued the wave of recognition with another Employer of the Year award, this time in the Bay Area. Reaching farther south, we were excited to open a new exhibit in the heart of Downtown LA at a historic and cherished location.

California Kev Loj Npab Hlau Receives Nearly $202 Million Grant from US DOT 

Logo of the U.S. Department of Transportation next to a photo of the California high-speed rail train rendering. Earlier this month, we got exciting news the Authority was a recipient of an almost $202 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT)! This grant from the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Program, is part of tus $1.4 billion in federal grants awarded to states to improve rail safety in the U.S. The Authority’s grant will be used to design, purchase rightofway, and construct six grade separations in the city of Shafter. This significant news, which will mark the first construction outside of the 119 miles currently under construction in the Central Valley shows the federal governments continued commitment to building true electrified high-speed rail in the U.S. You can read more about construction updates at and take a closer look at California high-speed rail grade separations no on our website.  

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Kev Kub Ceev Hluav Taws Xob Talk of the Town at American Planners Conference

The Authority and partner teams were busy last weekend with a jam-packed schedule at this year’s American Planning Associations California Chapter conference. For the first time in several years, the conference was held in Fresno, making high-speed rail a key topic at the conference. Led by Principal Transportation Planners and tremendous support from Central Valley regional team members, planning experts and External Affairs team members, the Authority managed to incorporate three construction tours, session presentations, station site walking tours, and a full information center with 3D models and virtual reality at the Central Valley Regional offices where conference attendees learned more about the project. Authority CEO Brian Kelly also gave the keynote to kick off a full day of activities alongside Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer 

Three photos that make a graphic. First photo are people standing over a 3D printed model of Fresno with the future California high-speed rail station. Second photo is a large group of about 50 people or so in construction vests and hard hats standing on a high-speed rail structure with arches above them. The third photo is a woman putting on virtual reality glasses.


Bay Area Women’s Transportation Seminar Employer of the Year 

Two women standing holding an award smiling. Next to that photo is a WTS San Francisco logo. In the continued wave of employer recognitions, the Txoj cai is once again recognized by the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) for Employer of the Year, this time with California’s Bay Area chapter. During an evening ceremony, Deputy Regional Director of the Northern California office, Morgan Galli accepted the award on the Authority’s behalf and celebrated the recognition with a group of passionate and committed transportation professionals in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. The Txoj cai is proud to be a WTS Employer of the Year recipient flossis Sacramento, Los Angeles, Bay Area, and International chapters.  

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Cherished Southern California Restaurant Showcases High-Speed Rail Display 

Two photos of a large 16-foot display with information about rail history in California and California high-speed rail. A cherished Southern California restaurant, Philippe The Original worked closely with the Authority to showcase a Caltrans and high-speed rail display. The display was done just in time for LA Metro’s Trainfest and celebrates the history and future of Rail in Southern California. Philippe The Original opened in 1908 thiab is located right across the street from LA Union Station, a future stop for the California high-speed rail. You can take a look ntawm tus recap video on our YouTube channel and read more about the display below. If you visit Phillipe The Original, make sure to snap a picture and tag us on social media 



Two Mineta Tsheb thauj mus los Institute Tub ntxhais kawm Competitions 

Graphic for a competition with the text #Visionzero2030. The graphic has illustrations of cars, buses, pedestrians and bicyclists. Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) at San Jose State University is dedicated to increasing mobility for all by improving the safety, efficiency, accessibility, and convenience of our nation’s transportation system. MTI has a vibrant workforce development program that incorporates various K through 12 education competitions to get students thinking critically about all modes of transportation. This year, MTI will be having an essay contest and the Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition.  

Essay Contest: The essay contest has a theme of Vision Zero 2030 giving students from grades 6 through 12th the opportunity to provide a concept to reaching zero casualties on the U.S. transportation system. 

Garret Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition: The Garret Morgan competition, exclusively for middle school students, is an opportunity for students to create groups and choose a Science, Transportation, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) topic in transportation. If any groups wish to focus on high-speed rail, the Authority is happy to share resources! 

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Professional Associations in Transportation Virtual Event  

Infographic for the Professional Associations event. The graphic includes Women’s Transportation Seminar and Mineta Transportation Institute logos, three people talking and all the details for the event. WTS-SF Bay Area and the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) of San Jose State invites you to join for a free virtual event “Connect for Your Career: An Introduction to Professional Associations in Transportation.” It will introduce university students and emerging professionals to Northern California transportation organizations that offer networking, professional development opportunities, and/or scholarship opportunities.  This event is Wednesday, November 8, 2023 online from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.


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Preliminary Train Interior Designs

Four sketch images of train interiors. Earlier this month on social media we shared preliminary designs for train interiors. Before we purchase any trains, we are taking input from various stakeholders to get all the thoughts and ideas to build first in the nation high-speed rail trains. Take a look at our social media to see these designs! You can provide your comments at




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I Will Ride logo with a train and text that reads internships, Jobs and Scholarships.

Creating a Path to Success (CAPS) Leadership Academy

CAPS is a six-month leadership training program for college students. CAPS aims to empower and train the next generation of successful Hispanic civic and business leaders through training, network-building, and ongoing engagement with leaders in business development. Students do not have to have any specific area of focus in school, and students of all academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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Dragados Social Media Coordinador Selma, CA

Social media coordinator focusing on the California high-speed rail project.

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COMTO National Scholarship

COMTO’s National Scholarship Program supports our strategic goal of ensuring the continuing legacy of minorities in transportation. COMTO annually awards multiple national academic scholarships, ranging from $500 to $6,000 each to minority graduate and undergraduate students from across the country. Scholarship awardees are represented in all academic backgrounds and are pursuing various careers in the transportation industry.

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COMTO Northern California Scholarship

The Northern California Chapter of the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO NorCal) is a national, multi-ethnic professional organization founded in 1971 to advance the representation of minority professionals in the transportation industry, nurture their career growth through networking and training, and champion equitable transportation development. A cornerstone of COMTO’s work is supporting the next generation of transportation professionals and providing financial support for students in need. This is COMTO NorCal’s 20th Scholarship Awards Gala. COMTO’s annual Future of Transportation Scholarship Program is currently seeking applicants through October 20, 2023 for scholarship awards of $2,000 to $6,000 each.

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WTS Sacramento Scholarships

WTS tau cog lus rau kev nce qib ntawm cov poj niam hauv kev lag luam tsheb thauj mus los, thiab ib qho ntawm ntau txoj hauv kev uas lawv ua kom muaj kev vam meej yog los ntawm lawv cov nyiaj pab kev kawm. Txij li xyoo 2005, Sacramento Tshooj tau muab $125,000 nyiaj pub dawb rau 100 tus poj niam hluas uas nrhiav haujlwm txhawb kev lag luam tsheb thauj mus los los ntawm kev pub dawb ntawm cov neeg txhawb nqa thiab cov tswv cuab.

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WTS International Strategic Partners Scholarships

The WTS Foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing careers in transportation through undergraduate and graduate programs. The scholarships are competitive and based on the applicant’s specific transportation goals, academic record and transportation-related activities or job skills. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

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California Transportation Foundation Scholarships

California Transportation Foundation's (CTF) lub hom phiaj yog los qhia txog lub neej yav tom ntej ntawm kev thauj mus los los ntawm cov nyiaj pab kev kawm, kev kawm, kev cob qhia thiab kev xyaum ua haujlwm. Txhawm rau kawm paub ntau ntxiv txog ntau yam nyiaj pabcuam pub dawb los ntawm CTF nco ntsoov xyuas lawv lub vev xaib txuas hauv qab no.

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Lub National Passenger Corporation, tseem hu ua Amtrak, yog ib lub koom haum sib zog ua kom muaj kev ua tau zoo, muaj kev nyab xeeb, raws sij hawm kev tsheb ciav hlau cov neeg caij tsheb uas tshaj cov neeg siv khoom xav tau. Tau 50 xyoo, Amtrak tau txuas kev lag luam thiab cov zej zog thoob plaws lub tebchaws thiab thaum Amtrak ua kev zoo siab rau nws 50 xyoo nws saib mus rau 50 xyoo tom ntej thiab dhau mus kom txav Tebchaws Asmeskas cov neeg ua haujlwm mus rau yav tom ntej.

Amtrak Scholarship Program muab nyiaj pub dawb rau kev kawm rau cov menyuam kawm ntawv qib siab thiab kawm tiav qib siab uas muaj kev txaus siab rau kev lag luam tsheb ciav hlau. Txoj haujlwm no tau tsim los pab txhawb kev txhawb nqa kev kawm hauv kev tsheb ciav hlau, ua kom lub neej yav tom ntej hauv kev lag luam no.

Amtrak yuav muab 11 scholarships hauv pawg suav nrog

·        women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math);

·        Amtrak dependents;

·        Non-Technical, Engineering and IT (Information Technology) degree candidates;

·        African American, Asian Pacific American Islander and Hispanic/Latinx students.

Cov nyiaj tau txais txiaj ntsig ntau ntawm $3,000 txog $5,000, thiab cov tub ntxhais kawm raug tso cai thov rau ntau tshaj ib pawg uas siv tau yog tias ua tau raws li cov qauv. Cov ntawv thov yuav raug lees txais los ntawm Lub Ib Hlis 31st, 2023.

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Capital Fellows Program Applications Qhib

Cov Kev Pabcuam Capital Fellows yog ib lub tebchaws lees paub rau pej xeem txoj cai kev sib raug zoo uas muaj cov kev paub tshwj xeeb hauv kev tsim txoj cai thiab kev txhim kho hauv txhua ceg ntawm tsoomfwv. Peev Fellows tau muab tso rau hauv qee qhov siab tshaj plaws ntawm tsoomfwv xeev California thiab pab cov neeg tsim cai lij choj hauv lub xeev, cov neeg ua haujlwm laus, thiab cov thawj coj hauv tsev hais plaub nrog ntau yam teeb meem ntawm pej xeem txoj cai thiab cov haujlwm thiab feem ntau yog muab cov haujlwm nrog ntau lub luag haujlwm thiab kev sib tw.

Cov ntawv thov rau Capital Fellows program kaw thaum Lub Ob Hlis 6, 2023 thaum 5:00 teev tsaus ntuj.

Lub Tuam Txhab yog tus khub zoo siab ntawm Capital Fellows qhov kev pab cuam tau txais tos ntau tus neeg koom tes rau lawv lub xyoo ua haujlwm hauv peb pab pawg sib txuas lus.

Learn More and Apply:

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 Informational flyer for student I Will Ride program. Webinars, Project Updates, Student Opportunities and Construction Tours. Photos of professionals panel, train rendering, students tabling and construction tour. Koj puas yog ib tug menyuam kawm ntawv uas xav kawm ntxiv txog California high-speed rail project, ncig xyuas kev tsim kho lossis koom nrog qhov project ua ib tus khub lossis tus neeg ua haujlwm? Tsis txhob nco cov kev hloov tshiab tseem ceeb, cov cib fim lossis cov ntawv ceeb toom thaum koj sau npe rau Kuv Yuav Caij! Sau npe rau Kuv Yuav Caij

Xeev California Txoj Kev Loj Ciav Hlau ua txhua yam kom xyuas tau lub vev xaib thiab nws cov lus qhia ua tau raws li tsab cai ADA raws li Xeev California Txoj Cai Kev Nkag mus Nkag Siab Cov Lus Qhia Ua Ntej 2.0 Theem tus qauv. Yog tias koj tab tom nrhiav ib daim ntawv tshwj xeeb tsis nyob hauv California Daim Ntawv Ceev Cov Hluav Taws Xob Tsav Tsheb Ceev lub vev xaib, koj tuaj yeem thov cov ntawv no nyob rau hauv Cov Ntaub Ntawv Kev Ceev Ntaub Ntawv los ntawm Pej Xeem Cov Ntaub Ntawv Cov Cai. Yog tias koj muaj lus nug dab tsi txog lub vev xaib lossis nws cov ntsiab lus, thov hu rau Tus Thawj Coj ntawm