May 2023 I Will Ride Update

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Hello I Will Riders!

As semester students wrap up finals and quarter students get through midterms, we are eager to share some news to start your summer months. We saw some big strides on construction and new internships in the Central Valley. This month we released a new construction update, with the completion of one of our most notable structures to-date, the Cedar Viaduct.


STUDENT COMMENTARY: Celebrating May is Bike Month 2023

Graphic with a bike that says let’s ride and Bike Month 2023. There is also a logo of California High-Speed Rail. As construction of the nation’s first high-speed rail system progresses, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) continues to partner with station communities to emphasize the need for multi-modal access to users, including making the high-speed rail stations bike-friendly by including bike lanes and providing bike parking.

As a student at UC Davis, you see folks like me enjoying the sun and commuting by bike everywhere. While going to school full time, I continue to work with the Authority as a Student Assistant. In the mornings, I ride my bike from my apartment near the University to the Davis Amtrak station. The station is connected to the Davis bike network, which includes bike lanes and dedicated bike trails, making it convenient to get to the station by bike. The station also has plenty of bike parking, so I leave my bike at the station until I come back in the evening. I then take an Amtrak Capitol Corridor train into downtown Sacramento to the Authority’s headquarters office.

Though commuting by bike and rail in the United States is not the most popular form of transportation, with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reporting that in 2021, only 0.4 percent of the U.S. population commuted via bicycle and close to 68% commuting via driving alone, it is very common in other parts of the world. According the Statista survey, about 9.1% of people surveyed in Germany ride a bike nearly every day. Train stations all over the world often have entire parking garages dedicated to bikes, while the trains themselves will have onboard bikes storage spaces. These and other strategies make using bikes with trains as transportation very convenient, and we are working to implement similar measures when building high-speed rail here in California.

*This story was written by one of the Authority’s Student Assistants Sean L’Estrange.


Authority Named Employer of Year by International Women in Transportation Organization

Photo of three women at the WTS International Awards Gala along with the WTS logo beside the photo displaying, “WTS Advancing women Advancing transportation.” Women are standing on a stage with center one holding an award.  The Authority accepted the 2023 Employer of the Year recognition from the international chapter of the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) at their annual conference. The recognition marks the culmination of a string of regional “Employer of the Year” awards given to the Authority by the Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay Area WTS chapters over the past 18 months.  The award was given to the Authority for its efforts in promoting the progression of women’s careers in the traditionally male-dominated transportation sector. To date, over half the Authority’s employees are women, including the majority of the executive team.

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High-Speed Rail Completes Signature Structure in City of Fresno

Two photos side by side that show a very large viaduct structure. Both are drone photos, which provide a wide view of the structures. The viaduct structure has four arches and spans over 3,700 feet. With California high-speed rail construction progressing every day, there is yet another major structure completion to celebrate. Earlier this month, partners Tutor Perini/Zachary/Parsons and the Authority announced the completion of the Cedar Viaduct, a 3,700-foot structure that travels over State Route (SR) 99 and Cedar and North Avenues in Fresno.  This viaduct structure is equivalent to the length of over 10 football fields! Viaducts are a tremendous part of separating the high-speed rail system from existing highways and rail networks, and the arches are a critical engineering design, which is detailed in one of our #WonkWednesday videos. In the last few years during construction, we’ve utilized the Cedar Viaduct to provide student construction tours and have allowed dozens of students to speak with high-speed rail engineers about design and construction of the Cedar Viaduct and many other structures. The next steps on the structure will be installing track, an electrical overhead catenary system and test trains all in the next coming years.

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#원크 수요일 Highlights Climate Resiliency

Graphic displaying two photos. The photo on the left depicts infrastructure beams and a crane, and the photo on the right depicts infrastructure girders and two construction workers. The words “#WonkWednesday” and “Climate Resiliency” in yellow letters and blue background are displayed on top of the photos.This month, the Authority celebrated Infrastructure Week (May 15 to19) by dedicating its #WonkWednesday social media campaign to highlighting climate resiliency, which prepares California’s high-speed rail for climate risks now and in the future. The thread describes the Authority’s Climate Adaptation Plan, a framework that describes the Authority’s blueprint in withstanding extreme climate in both construction and operation. This plan includes creating resilient rail infrastructure and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Follow along in our 23-tweet thread to learn more about how the Authority incorporates climate resiliency in its project.

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커뮤니케이션 및 미디어 관계
(916) 322-1422

개인 정보 보호 책임자
(916) 324-1541


상담 및 / 또는 번역 지원은 (916) 324-1541로 전화하거나 이메일

TTY / TTD 지원을 받으려면 (800) 881-5799 또는 캘리포니아 중계 서비스 (711)로 전화하십시오.

I Will Ride logo with a train and text that reads internships, Jobs and Scholarships.

Flatiron Field Engineer Intern – Fresno, CA

Flatiron is looking for an intern to assist with engineering on the California High-Speed Rail Project. Some tasks include field testing, assurance and material quality control and many other tasks.

자세히 알아보고 신청:

Young Professionals in Infrastructure (YPI) “Building the Future” Grant

YPI is a nonprofit that fosters growth and development of young professionals in the infrastructure field through conferences workshops, networking socials, university lectures and exclusive initiatives. The YPI grant is for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the infrastructure industry. Selected students will receive free membership to YPI and be eligible for an award of up to $2,500.

Applications Deadline: July 1, 2023

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캘리포니아 교통 재단

캘리포니아 교통 재단(CTF)의 사명은 장학금, 교육 프로그램, 멘토링 및 인턴십을 통해 운송 직업의 미래를 교육하는 것입니다. CTF에서 제공하는 다양한 장학금 기회에 대해 자세히 알아보려면 해당 웹사이트를 확인하십시오.

자세히 알아보고 신청:


APTF 웹사이트에 따르면 “교통 분야를 경력으로 선택하는 개인의 수를 늘리고 유지하려는 우리의 사명을 더욱 발전시키기 위해 APTF는 $6,000에서 $10,000에 이르는 최소 25개의 장학금을 대학에 수여할 것입니다. 대중 교통 업계에서 경력을 쌓거나 발전시키는 데 관심이 있는 학생 또는 대중 교통 전문가. 장학금은 2023년 가을 학기부터 시작되는 학년도에 적용되며 수업료 또는 기타 교육비를 지원합니다.”

신청 마감일은 2023년 6월 9일입니다.

자세히 알아보고 신청:,a%20career%20in%20the%20public

WTS 오렌지 카운티

여성들이 교통 분야에서 경력을 쌓도록 격려하기 위해 여성 교통 세미나 – 오렌지 카운티(WTS-OC)는 남부 캘리포니아 전역의 여성들에게 고등학교, 커뮤니티 칼리지, 학부 및 대학원 장학금을 제공할 것입니다. 2022년 WTS-OC는 총 $50,000의 11개 장학금을 수여했습니다.

지원서는 2023년 8월 4일 금요일 오후 5시 PST까지 마감되며 온라인으로 제출하거나 단일 PDF 문서로 다음 주소로 보낼 수 있습니다.

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