Quad Gates(軌道速度不超過 110 英里/小時)

四門已被證明可以將平交路口的碰撞減少 98%。1

The Authority will work with communities along the rail corridors to install safer rail crossings, such as 4 Quadrant Gates, or Quad Gates. Quad gates are designed to block all lanes of traffic on both sides of the track, and to provide a closure delay on the exit side to allow vehicles that may get stuck between the gates to get off the tracks. 


Illustration with a high-speed train crossing diagonally through the scene, a satellite, radar, and tower are communicating with the train; vehicles are parked at gates which are blocking the track as the train passes; an operator is monitoring conditions from computers.


1. 加州大學伯克利分校安全交通教育與研究中心

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