California High-Speed Rail Authority Finance and Audit Committee Meeting Agenda

September 23, 2021
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

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* On March 17, 2020, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order, N-29-20 regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. This order removes the requirement that a location be made available for the public to gather for purposes of observing and commenting at the meeting.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority’s September 23, 2021, Finance and Audit Committee Meeting will be conducted via webinar and teleconference. Commissioners will participate in the meeting from individual remote locations. Members of the public can view the Finance and Audit Committee meeting online at Those wishing to provide public comment must register at the link below. Registration is necessary because the link needed to join the virtual meeting must be sent to a valid email address. The Authority does not use the email address provided for any purpose other than to send the meeting link to a speaker. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email providing link and telephone options to participate in the meeting.

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For this meeting, an opportunity for public comment on all September 23, 2021 agenda and non-agenda items will be provided at the outset of the meeting. Persons who wish to comment are required to register on this page. Registration is necessary because the link needed to join the virtual meeting must be sent to a valid email address. The Authority does not use the email address provided for any purpose other than to send the meeting link to a speaker. Registration for public comment will close about five minutes after the start of the meeting. Typically, public comment will be limited to two minutes per person, however, the Chair may decide to shorten or lengthen the public comment periods, at his or her discretion. Agenda items may be taken out of order.

In the status column, “A” denotes an “Action” item; “I” denotes an “Information” item; “C” denotes consent” item.

Agenda Item






1.   Consider Approving the August 18, 2021 Finance and Audit Committee Meeting Minutes N/A A 5 min.
2.   F&A Committee Chairperson’s Remarks, Initiatives, and Updates Chairperson I 10 min.
3. FY2020-21 Internal Quality Assurance and FY2021-22 Internal Audit Plan P. Rivera I 15 min.

4.   Executive Summary by Chief Financial Officer

  • Financial Reports Executive Summary
  • Accounts Payable Aging and Disputes Report
  • Cash Management Report
  • Administrative Budget and Expenditures Report
  • Capital Outlay Budget and Expenditures Report
  • Total Project Expenditures with Forecasts
  • Contracts & Expenditures Report


   B. Annis I 30 min.

5.   Central Valley Update by Deputy Chief Operating Officer

  • Central Valley Status Report
D. Horgan I     30 min.


Reasonable Accommodation for Any Individual

Requests for reasonable accommodations, such as interpreters or assistive listening devices, require at least one-week advance notice prior to the meeting/event. Please submit request to the High-Speed Rail Authority’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Branch at (916) 324-1541 or via email at

Adaptaciones razonables

Las solicitudes de adaptaciones razonables, como intérpretes o dispositivos de audición asistida, requieren al menos una semana de aviso previo antes de la reunión/evento. Haga su solicitud en la Oficina de Igualdad de Oportunidades en el Empleo (Equal Employment Opportunity, EEO) de la Autoridad del Sistema Ferroviario de Alta Velocidad al (916) 324-1541 o por correo electrónico a


如需同聲傳譯或助聽設備等合理的便利設施,需至少在會議/活動前一周給出提前通知。請提交申請至高速鐵路管理局的公平就業機會(EEO)辦公室,電話為(916) 324-1541,或請發送電郵至

Mga Makatuwirang Kaluwagan

Ang mga kahilingan para sa makatuwirang kaluwagan, tulad ng tagapagsalin ng wika o kagamitang pantulong sa pagdining, ay nangangailangan ng isang linggung paunang abiso bago ang pagpupulong/kaganapan. Mangyaring magsumite ng kahilingan sa Sangay ng Pantay na Pagkakataon sa Trabaho (Equal Employment Opportunity, EEO) ng Awtoridad ng Mabilis na Tren (High-Speed Rail Authority) sa (916) 324-1541 o sa pamamagitan ng email sa

합리적인 편의서비스

통역사 또는 청취 지원 장치 등의 합리적인 편의서비스에 대한 요청은 미팅/행사 적어도 1주일 전에 요청해야 합니다. 요청서를 고속철도청 평등한 고용기회(EEO) 지점, (916) 324-1541 또는 이메일로 보내 주십시오.


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