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With construction underway, and the transition of the California High-Speed Rail Authority from a planning to a project development organization, the economic benefit of these activities is substantially growing every year. Starting with just a few employees over a decade ago, the project now supports thousands of jobs across all functions—from planning and environmental clearance to engineering and construction. This investment has spurred economic benefits around California and across the country.

Investment in high-speed rail is supporting jobs, labor income and economic output across a number of California’s regions, including some of those hardest hit by the Great Recession.

Learn more about the approximately $9.8 billion invested in the nation’s first high-speed rail system over the past decade and more.

Investing in California’s Economy

About 99% of the investment between July 2006 and June 2022 led to economic activity taking place within the state of California, with spending going to firms and workers based in the state.

California Economic Impact

JULY 2006 – JUNE 2022


Bay Area Regional Economic Impact

JULY 2006 – JUNE 2022


Central Valley Regional Economic Impact

JULY 2006 – JUNE 2022


Southern California Regional Economic Impact

JULY 2006 – JUNE 2022


Investing in Our Nation

To date, $2.55 billion in funding has come from Federal Sources (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), infusing the state’s economy with federal dollars. To date, companies from 42 states and the District of Columbia have been involved in high-speed rail.

National Impact: Companies from 42 states involved in high-speed rail.
$9.8 Billion Invested, Calendar graphic of July 2006, arrowing pointing right with $9.8 Billion inside, Calendar graphic of June 2022, 97% went to California firms and workers

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