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Welcome to the California High-Speed Rail Authority Small Business Program. The California High-Speed Rail Authority is committed to small, disabled, disadvantaged, and diverse businesses playing a major role in building the statewide high-speed rail project. This commitment will serve to inspire business growth, job creation and workforce development opportunities while building the vitality of California’s high-speed rail program.

Throughout this website you’ll find information about the program and how to participate in this historic project. The Small Business dashboard, below, illustrates an array of user-friendly visual and graphical data, including breakdowns of the small businesses working on the high-speed rail program and total dollars expended to date. This dashboard is regularly updated to reflect the latest publicly available information.

Program Goals for small business participation

30% small business particpation goal comprising 10% disadvantaged business enterprises and 3% disabled veteran business enterprises

Small Business Participation (as of January 31, 2024)

DBE-Owned Businesses (as of January 31, 2024)

Big goals for small businesses

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is committed to small businesses playing a major role in building the statewide high-speed rail project. Previously, the HSR Small Business Program goal was expressed as a single combined percentage. As of November 2023, the revised goals have stand- alone utilization requirements that are subject to the state or federal regulations that govern the business certifications, Small Business (SB), Small Business for the Purpose of Public Works (SB-PW), Micro Business (MB), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), accepted by the Authority.

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Save the date! Join us at our Small Business events and workshops to learn How to Do Business with the High-Speed Rail Authority, How to Get Certified, and more. Visit the HSR Events page.

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Read more about the small businesses working on California’s High-Speed Rail Program in the latest issue of our Small Business Newsletter, Investing in California’s Small Businesses.

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Submit Small Business contract compliance and dispute resolution inquiries, via the High-Speed Rail Authority Small Business Assistance form.

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The Small Business Policy Directive ensures the HSR Business Program is flexible, attainable, efficient and credible. The revised HSR Program (2023) is now available.

Business Advisory Council

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is continually seeking new and innovative approaches to improve its policies and procedures to eliminate any barriers and increase small business utilization. Learn about the Council’s mission, guidelines and membership and see the meeting schedule.

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Small Business Program (916) 431-2930 Do you have a small business issue or concern? Submit your concern online by using the Small Business Assistance Form.

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