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Big Goals for Small Business

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) is committed to small and diverse businesses playing a major role in building the historic statewide high-speed rail project.  This commitment will serve to inspire business growth, job creation and workforce development opportunities while building the vitality of California’s high-speed rail program.

The Authority’s Small Business Program (SB Program) supports small, disadvantaged and disabled veteran owned businesses.  The SB Program provides information that small businesses need to better navigate opportunities, access resources, and more.  Here are the various ways that you can get connected with us!

Get on Board

Getting properly certified is the first step in securing work as a small business with the Authority. Only certified small businesses as recognized by the Authority are eligible to be credited towards the Authority‘s overall 30 percent small business participation goal. Visit Get on Board and learn how to get certified and become a small business partner in four easy steps!

Contract Opportunities

The Contracts and Procurement Branch (Contracts Branch) provides purchasing authority for the California High-Speed Rail Authority. Responsibilities include preparing all bid documents and awarding contracts as well as assuring compliance with all legal requirements in the procurement process. The Contracts Branch is responsible for procurement and contracting of Non-Information Technology (Non-IT) and Information Technology (IT) goods and services are included but are not limited to developing purchase orders for goods and services, preparing service contracts, consultant service agreements, interagency agreement, and public entity contracts.

California utilizes Cal eProcure for all solicitations and addenda documents issued by the Contracts Office. View Cal eProcure Link and/or the Cal eProcure Frequently Asked Questions.

ConnectHSR Vendor Registration

ConnectHSR, the California High-Speed Rail Authority‘s Vendor Registry, is a free, online vendor registry that provides businesses, large and small, with a quick and easy way to get connected to high-speed rail business opportunities.

Registered firms are listed when current and prospective prime contractors search ConnectHSR for sub-contractors by trade, region or certification type. Registration also allows your business to be notified of high-speed rail procurement opportunities and business-focused events such as Pre-Bids, Meet the Primes and Small Business workshops, Trainings and more.

ConnectHSR is a great way for your business to stay connected to the High-Speed Rail program. If you‘re not already registered, the Authority welcomes your participation in ConnectHSR. Register with ConnectHSR. To learn more and for printable instructions on getting registered view our ConnectHSR Factsheet.

Small Business Assistance

Submit Small Business contract compliance and dispute resolution inquires, via the High-Speed Rail Authority Small Business Assistance form.

The Small Business Assistance form provides small businesses a convenient way to call attention to issues or concerns. Submittals will be sent directly to our Small Business Advocate for review and assignment to appropriate HSR staff.

The Small Business Assistance Form can help facilitate the following:

  • Appeal decisions made by the California High-Speed Rail Authority;
  • Investigate issues with a California High-Speed Rail Authority contractor;
  • Report concerns regarding payment;
  • Escalate concerns regarding small business utilization;
  • Request general Small Business Program information; and more.

Happening Now

Save the date! Join us at our Small Business events and workshops to learn How to Do Business with the High-Speed Rail Authority, How to Get Certified, and more. Visit the HSR Events page.

Small Business Newsletter

Read more about the small businesses working on California’s High-Speed Rail Program in the latest issue of our Small Business Newsletter, Investing in California’s Small Businesses.

Contact Us

For Small Business general inquiries and help, contact the High-Speed Rail Authority Small Business Program  or give us a call at (916) 431-2930.


Visit the Authority’s Small Business Program webpage for information including a program overview, certifications we recognize, how to get certified, access to our vendor registry, and more.

Sign up and select to receive Small Business emails, workshop and event announcements, by visiting:  and selecting the “Small Business/ConnectHSR” Email Alert

For more information about the High-Speed Rail Small Business Program, visit

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