Green Practices & Sustainability

High-Speed Rail: A transformative investment for California’s communities, environment, and economy

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is committed to building a high-speed rail system that minimizes impacts to the natural and built environment, encourages compact land development around transit stations, and helps California manage pressing issues with climate change, traffic and airport congestion and energy dependency.

Sustainability represents the degree to which actions taken today will enable current and future generations to lead healthy and rewarding lives. In 2008, Californians approved Proposition 1A as a means of achieving sustainable development for the state – furthering economic development and mobility without producing greenhouse gas emissions while also incentivizing compact land use patterns. Not only will the high-speed rail system alleviate pressure on California’s current transportation system, it will provide immediate and long-term environmental and community benefits to residents for decades to come.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority’s Sustainability Policy states:

“The California High-Speed Rail Authority will deliver a sustainable high-speed rail system for California that serves as a model for sustainable rail infrastructure. The California High-Speed Rail Authority has developed, and will continue to implement, sustainability practices that inform and affect the planning, siting, designing, construction, mitigation, operation, and maintenance of the high-speed rail system.”

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