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California’s high-speed rail project — the largest infrastructure project in the United States — is setting a new sustainability standard for major infrastructure projects.

As part of our commitment to full transparency, we carefully quantify and document the work we do to engage station communities, protect natural habitats, preserve agricultural lands, and meet strict air emissions standards. The critical work we did in 2022 has benefited local communities, the national economy, and the environment:

  • Economic Development: Our project has created more than 11,000 jobs in the Central Valley to date, with more than 760 certified small businesses involved statewide.
  • Safety and Quality: We implemented rigorous structural reviews and improved oversight processes to ensure top-tier safety standards.
  • Sustainability: We maintained a net-positive GHG balance, reduced construction vehicles emissions, and preserved over 4,400 acres of habitat.

Our annual sustainability report summarizes that work.

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2022 Facts

  • Economic Development and Governance:
    • 62% of project investment occurred in disadvantaged communities in FY 2021-2022.
    • In the Central Valley segment, 8,346 construction jobs have been created.
    • The number of small businesses working on the project has increased 166 percent since 2015.
  • Energy and Emissions:
    • We are committed to using 100% renewable energy for operation through solar generation.
    • We are designing net-positive energy stations to produce more energy than they consume.
  • Natural Resources:
    • We have preserved and restored more than 4,400 acres of habitat and conserved more than 3,190 acres of agricultural land.
    • Compared to 2021, construction water use decreased by 12 percent, despite a 38 percent increase in construction activity levels.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure:
    • Sustainability is integrated into project development and operations.
    • 95% of construction waste was recycled or diverted from landfills in 2022.
  • Station Communities and Ridership:
    • We are collaborating with station communities to ensure community-oriented station design.
    • Focus on public outreach and community engagement. We engaged with community members, local organizations, and elected officials at 359 outreach events statewide in 2022.

Click the fact sheet for a two-page version, including benefits and travel time comparisons.


Board of Directors

Thomas Richards, Chair
Nancy Miller, Vice Chair
Ernest Camacho
Emily Cohen
Martha M. Escutia
James C. Ghielmetti
Henry Perea
Lynn Schenk
Anthony C. Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Brian P. Kelly

Ex Officio Board Members

Honorable Dr. Joaquin Arambula
Honorable Lena Gonzalez

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