Face of High Speed Rail

Ah地esha Worshim and Darrell Patterson

Sustainability Begins at Home

April 3, 2017 – Ah地esha Worshim and Darrell Patterson are friends concerned about global warming. Like many in Southern California, their concern fuels sustainable decisions in their lifestyle, transportation and work lives.

Ah地esha Worshim

After becoming aware of devastating pollution in China caused by fabric processing, Ah地esha decided to start an eco-fabrics business. Her studies in Fashion Merchandising at Cal State Long Beach take her to Downtown Los Angeles where she looks for fabrics made from natural sources like cotton, hemp and bamboo.

Ah地esha plans to move to Los Angeles 鍍o start using public transportation and get away from auto traffic congestion. After a recent visit to New York City she noted, 哲othing is more than 25 minutes away using public transportation擁t痴 a great experience. She looks forward to a one-trip fare in California that includes high-speed rail.

Darrell Patterson brings a passion for sustainable transportation to his work with the Southern California Association of Governments, and believes 努e are all trying to find a way to live a sustainable life. He is adamant that high-speed rail is key to inter-regional travel and looks forward to leaving long car trips behind and taking high-speed rail weekend trips to San Francisco.

Darrell observed, 撤eople from all cultures with innovative ideas, coming together in stations like Union Station in Los Angeles that will include high-speed rail, are part of the future connecting all of us.

Tom Blackburn

Growing Throughout the State

March 22, 2017 – Over the last three years, Tom Blackburn has dispatched a small cadre of environmental professionals to assess parcels lying in the pathway of the high-speed rail project. He owns Blackburn Consulting, a certified small business that has geotechnical and geoenvironmental experts determining the level of contaminants on properties the Authority may be required to purchase.

Blackburn Construction worker

Workers use several methods to complete property evaluations妖esk audits of properties, interviewing property owners, researching regulatory records, reviewing aerial photos and deploying drill rigs to determine the most effective way to remove stop leakage and remove contaminants.

In addition to doing geotechnical work in the Central Valley, Blackburn痴 team provides independent assurance testing and environmental site assessment services to multiple construction packages.

Blackburn has offices in Auburn and West Sacramento and recently established a location in Fresno. He attributes the firm痴 expansion to its work on high-speed rail. 展orking on the high-speed rail project has been rewarding, Blackburn said. 的t has helped us get established in Fresno.

Donn Ross-Jones of Transition Music Corporation

A Private Office in Fresno

March 6, 2017 – Leevel Tatum says it痴 always a good day when he痴 sitting eight feet high over the highway. 的 like it because it痴 my own private office and it痴 a challenge, Tatum laughed. He is the owner of BBL Tatum Truck and drives oversize wide load tractor trailers揺auling steel rebar, granite tile roofing material and other equipment for high-speed rail construction sites throughout the Central Valley. Tatum landed his initial contract on the project in March 2016. Since then, he痴 signed two more contracts and has jobs on multiple construction packages.

Tatum opened his Fresno-based firm 16 years ago. Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Disadvantaged Business Entrepreneur (DBE), high-speed rail is his first government contract. 典his has been a financial blessing for my family, said Tatum. 的 may be able to purchase another truck and hire another driver.

滴igh-speed rail will transform downtown Fresno and increase jobs by bringing in more people. They値l either be traveling through and stop here or make their home here and work elsewhere. Either way, it will help the economy.

Donn Ross-Jones of Transition Music Corporation

Expanding with High-Speed Rail

February 15, 2017 – Tucked away near the Tuolumne Street Bridge in downtown Fresno, Val Print has served as the Valley痴 top choice for creative marketing solutions since 1951. The graphics and printing company recently expanded its printing and distribution capabilities, thanks to high-speed rail.

Born and raised in Fresno, Val Print President and CEO Jack Emerian has watched the downtown area change dramatically. He recalls hearing about high-speed rail construction planned for downtown Fresno. He notes, 擢resno needed a good shot in the arm and I thought this was one of them and we need a modern transportation system in this state.

As work moved forward on Construction Package 1, Emerian learned his G Street warehouse and all of his firm痴 distribution products would need to be relocated. With the help of the Authority痴 right-of-way team, he soon came across a building on F Street, less than a mile away. 的 hadn稚 thought about going anywhere outside of downtown Fresno because we池e pretty much entrenched here, Emerian said.

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Donn Ross-Jones of Transition Music Corporation

Music Sets the Mood for Success

February 7, 2017 – With the right rhythm and sound, a video can deliver a message that moves people. Music supervisor and media producer Donna Ross-Jones realized there was an underserved market needing music to accompany video content. 溺usic is such a major part of our lives, she notes, 澱ut few people outside of the music industry have real access to the power of music and the best the business has to offer.

In 2011, Ross-Jones started Transition Music Corporation (TMC) which currently provides music for 8 networks and over 20 television series. Added up, her firm痴 unique sounds play a role in more than 250,000 broadcasts across the nation and more than one million performances worldwide.

Audiences started hearing the unique beat of TMC痴 music on high-speed rail videos when the firm landed a contract and starting working with the Authority痴 multimedia team. She has received many other awards for her success as a female entrepreneur, including being named one of the 擢ifty Most Influential Women in Entertainment by the Hollywood Reporter magazine and 溺edia Firm of the Year by the city of Los Angeles and Mayor Eric Garcetti.

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