Faces of High-Speed Rail

Abraham Boche holding #Iwillride sign

High-Speed Rail is No Laughing Matter

August 02, 2017 – Transportation and parking has been an integral part of Abraham Boche’s life starting at Ontario Airport, near his hometown, where he worked as a parking attendant. At one point, starting a rickshaw company sounded like a good idea. This was followed by a stint booking shows for Nigerian world music award-winning Victor Essient and the Mandators, then briefly working for a mortuary service taking deceased persons from home to their final destination. Abraham talks about his past jobs with amusement, but this Project Manager of Parking and Janitorial at Los Angeles Union Station, who is a stand-up comic on his off hours, is not laughing at the idea of riding high-speed rail from club to club across California.

Abraham Boche

Prior to his current position at Los Angeles Union Station, he was a key parking and janitorial manager at the newly opened Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), the location of a future California high-speed rail station. At ARTIC, he enjoyed giving station tours to dignitaries, officials and the public. Abraham can currently be seen traversing the LA Union Station as Project Manager of Parking and Janitorial, making sure every detail is in place, from ropes that guide pedestrians to staff leading school tours and handling janitorial details. “Parking services at rail stations requires a combination of safety awareness, logistics and customer service,” says Boche. “I really enjoy the people I work with and meeting the public.”

It’s no surprise that a high point for Abraham was meeting comedian Eddie Murphy while managing parking services for a Black Entertainment Awards reception at LA Union Station. He credits his drama achievements in high school for receiving the Bill Clinton Lifetime Achievement Award and his interest in comedy. He says, “Give me a mic and I’m ready!” Audiences enjoy his social commentary and edgy style at clubs in Fresno, Madera, Modesto and San Francisco. Getting to the clubs requires an arduous drive from Southern California to the Central Valley. Abraham states, “We comedians have a long drive that puts miles on our vehicles. High-speed rail will be a dream come true for me and other entertainers.”

John Hernandez

Creating Connections in the Central Valley

July 25, 2017 – When it comes to supporting the California high-speed rail project, it is no mystery where John Hernandez stands. As Director of the High-Speed Rail Support Group (HSRSG), Hernandez has taken on the role of being one of the project’s biggest boosters in the Central Valley. His organization highlights the widespread economic benefits high-speed rail will bring to the area and has positioned itself as a resource to the small business community.

Founded in 2015, the HSRSG is made up of dozens of active members who support the construction of high-speed rail in California. The group regularly works with the Fresno Economic Development Corporation and the City of Fresno and holds monthly luncheons to provide networking opportunities for businesses interested in working on the project.

“We’ve had the Small Business Administration, Board of Equalization and other government agencies, as well as local officials who support the project,” explained Hernandez. “We also focus on getting prime contractors to explain the processes of getting qualified and help people connect with businesses that are already involved so attendees can learn the process.”

High-Speed Rail Support Group

Hernandez said that while people may see cranes and infrastructure popping up around Fresno, many don’t realize that high-speed rail is happening, especially outside the Central Valley. HSRSG members go up and down the state meeting with chambers of commerce and similar organizations, focusing on spreading the word about the positive aspects of high-speed rail.

For more information about upcoming meetings, contact John Hernandez at 559-721-7097 or fetoday@gmail.com.

CHP Fresno

California Highway Patrol Keeps High-Speed Rail Safe

July 10, 2017 – With more than 600 state-owned high-speed rail properties in Fresno County alone, making sure each site is safe and secure is all in a day’s work for the California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) Safety Services Program officers (SSP). We sat down with Sgt. David Salcido and Officer John Makel with the CHP’s SSP unit in the Central Division to talk about their role on the project.

The unit is responsible for investigating crimes and suspicious activity at state properties – ensuring state employees and facilities are protected, including those of the California High-Speed Rail Authority. Each SSP officer works with local security to patrol and respond to calls of trespassing or breaking and entering on high-speed rail properties. The officers then ensure the property is under control and safe for both the public and state employees throughout the alignment in Fresno County.

After a property is purchased for high-speed rail, the building is boarded up while utilities are disconnected. The structure is then abated for hazardous materials before being demolished. This process may take 6-12 months. During that time, Sgt. Salcido says the public needs to pay attention and heed signs because several of these buildings are in states of disrepair.

“The hazards of walking around or being inside vacant property are high, and we can’t predict what’s going to happen,” said Salcido. “So if they heed the warnings to stay away from these areas, it would do us a huge amount of help.”

However, monitoring property is not the only thing the unit focuses on. Officer Makel says their unit wears many hats. In addition to patrolling and monitoring state properties, SSP officers are also responsible for providing protective service detail for elected officials, giving safety presentations and trainings, examining traffic collisions, and the list goes on.