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Brian P. Kelly, CEO

August 2019

The purpose of this monthly CEO Report is to keep the Board and the public apprised of important events and milestones related to the high-speed rail program. Although there is no Board meeting in August, I want to inform Board members of recent progress on a number of important fronts.

Specifically, there have been several significant developments over the last month that I believe will have a positive impact on our progress going forward:

NEPA Assignment

Settlement with Kings County

Opening two grade separations in Madera County - Avenue 8 and Avenue 11

Industry Forum for Track and Systems procurement

Public Outreach on Preferred Alternatives in Northern California

Senate appointments to the Board of Directors

Recent appointments to key executive positions

On August 20th, the Governor’s Office announced appointments for several key Executive positions. I am pleased to welcome these great professionals to the Authority. The Authority will benefit immensely from their collective work ethic, professionalism and talent. They include:

Thank you and best of luck to Barbara Rooney

I wanted to let you know that our deputy director of legislation, Barbara Rooney, has been appointed director of the California Office of Traffic Safety. I very much appreciate Barbara’s professionalism and her many contributions to the Authority in the four years she has served here. We wish her well in her new position.

Settlement with design-build contractor for Construction Package 1

Settlement with design-build contractor for Construction Package 4

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