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  • The next two years are critical for the Authority, including the completion of the first federally-funded portion of the program.
  • There are 350 miles of electrified high-speed rail in project development and construction in the three regions of the State.
  • The Authority is using current resources and assets to deliver the first building block of a statewide high-speed rail system: 171 miles of 220 mph, electrified high-speed rail infrastructure in the Central Valley.

Statewide economic benefits from investments through June 2018:

Job-years of employment: 37,600 - 42,600; Labor income: $2.6B - $3B; Economic output: $6.8B - $7.6B
500 Small Businesses Statewide

* As of December 2018

High-speed rail mode shift:

France's Train a Grand Vitesse - (TGV Sud-Est)

29% Car & Bus travel; 31% Air travel; 40% Rail travel Before HSR

22% Car & Bus travel; 7% Air travel; 72% Rail travel After HSR

Alta Velocidad Española - (AVE Madrid-Seville)

44% Car & Bus travel; 40% Air travel; 16% Rail travel Before HSR

36% Car & Bus travel; 13% Air travel; 51% Rail travel After HSR


Board of Directors

Thomas Richards, Chair
Nancy Miller, Vice Chair
Andre Boutros
Ernest M. Camacho
Martha M. Escutia
James C. Ghielmetti
Henry Perea
Lynn Schenk
Anthony Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Brian P. Kelly

Ex Officio Board Members

Honorable Dr. Joaquin Arambula
Honorable Jim Beall

California High-Speed Rail Authority

770 L Street, Suite 620
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 324-1541

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    The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) is required by Public Utilities Code Section 185033 to prepare, publish, adopt, and submit an updated Business Plan to the Legislature on May 1. Statute also dictates that, at least 60 days prior to submittal to the Legislature, the Authority must publish a draft Business Plan for public review and comment. Business plans are published in even-numbered years, and the next business plan will be issued in 2020.

    Business plans represent the status of the high-speed rail program at a point in time, and they summarize the Authority’s approach to implementing the system. Business Plans include:

    • Updated capital cost and other estimates
    • Updated ridership and revenue forecasts
    • Summary of progress over last two years
    • Review current challenges and how to address them

    ARRA State-match status update chart


    The chart describes the matching funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Currently, the Authority is fulfilling ARRA grant's state match obligation under the tapered match provision. As of December 2019, nearly $2.0 billion, roughly 79 percent of the total ARRA match required, have been recorded.


    Numerical values presented on the image:

    Status Dollar amount (in millions) Percentage of corresponding match
    In-Process at High Speed Rail $385 16%
    Pending Federal Railroad Administration Submittal $273 11%
    Pending approval at Federal Railroad Administration $832 33%
    Federal Railroad Administration approved $477 19%
    Remaining State match balance $533 21%