Merced to Sacramento

As the high-speed rail system grows to include the entire Phase 1 service, opportunities will exist to extend the benefits of Phase 1 service into Phase 2 corridors such as Merced to Sacramento. This project section is approximately 115 miles long and includes four proposed station locations including Merced, Modesto, Stockton and Sacramento.

Corridor planning is helping to prioritize the timing and type of investments necessary to extend the Phase 1 system. The outcome of these planning efforts will ensure that the most effective investment is pursued that supports the service needs of local communities as well as statewide mobility. Near term service improvements that leverage local, state and federal funding sources will be pursued through continued expansion of integrated Amtrak San Joaquin and Altamont Corridor Express services, while also defining how such service improvements lay the groundwork for full Phase 2 high-speed rail service in the future.

The Authority's partners in these corridor planning efforts will include the City of Merced, the County of Merced, the Central Valley Rail Working Group, the California State Transportation Agency, the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority, the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission and the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority.

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