The Authority is working with regional and local partners to develop a regional vision for a high-speed rail station for the Kings/Tulare region. This regional vision includes transit connections to surrounding communities with convenient access to this regional high-speed rail station.

The high-speed rail station in Kings/Tulare will be located near the intersection of Highways 198 and 43. The station location was examined and environmentally cleared for future construction in 2014.

Tulare County Association of Governments and the Authority are working together with cities in Kings and Tulare counties to develop a regional connectivity plan with convenient access to a station. This plan includes infill development, transit-oriented development, economic development and better transit connections from surrounding communities to this regional high-speed rail station. This plan will also assess the feasibility and timing of developing future improvements such as Bus Rapid Transit and light-rail passenger service along the Cross Valley Rail Corridor.



Station Community Details

Interactive Maps

Screenshot of animated video desribing station community concepts. Watch Conceptual Station Community

This video is a conceptual representation of how a Station Community could can grow over time, and is not intended to depict how the actual stations will look. The concept represents plans for sustainability, functionality, and the use of best practices at each of the high-speed rail stops.

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