Environmental Mitigation & Commitments

Important Farmland Status Report

In April 2013, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) entered into a settlement agreement with County of Madera, Merced County Farm Bureau, Preserve Our Heritage, Chowchilla Water District, and Fagundes Parties (Petitioners). The agreement requires the California High-Speed Rail Authority to provide (on its website) a report identifying the parcels of 'Important Farmland' that are considered permanently converted or potentially converted to non-agricultural use, as specified in the settlement agreement.

The amount of 'Important Farmland' acquired (as defined in the settlement agreement) is documented by year. Acquisition also includes any other unusable remainder acreage, non-economic remainder acreage or unusable remnant acreage totaling 20 acres or less (collectively, Remnant Acreage), and additional acreage within a 25 foot wide buffer area.

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